Opinion: ‘Rothosen’ must sort defensive woes

Posted on August 13, 2011


Two games. One point. Five goals against.

It doesn’t make impressive reading for Michael Oenning so far with just one other club who have played two games that can boast a poorer record.

There was always a slight concern about HSV this season but nobody really expects them to be involved in a relegation battle. This is Hamburg after all, and they really should be challenging for the top honours every season.

Frank Arnesen brought a transfer policy under scrutiny with the former Chelsea sporting director having brought Michael Mancienne, Gokhan Tore, Jacopo Sala and Jeffrey Bruma to the club from London.

Die Rothosen lost Frank Rost, Joris Mathijsen, Ze Roberto and Ruud Van Nistelrooy, amongst others, in the summer and Arnesen has done nowhere near enough to replace the nucleus of the team.


Hertha’s equalising goal this afternoon will hurt due to the fact there was only three minutes to go but the manner how they conceded the goal was nothing short of shambolic.

Replacing the reliable and experienced Frank Rost with Jaroslav Drobny was always a risky move for Hamburg and he single-handidly sold the jerseys at the second goal.

Drobny thinks he’s going walkies and his just overpowered by an incredible the Hertha skipper Mijatovic. If he stays on his goal-line, then there’s a very good chance he will make the save which prevents Hamburg losing a goal, and subsequently two points.

One thing that really baffles me is why coaches don’t insist on having a man on either post. Drobny comes out, almost to the edge of his six-yard box, and the left-hand post is deserted which funnily enough, is where the ball ends up.

Even if Drobny makes that mistake, if Oenning makes sure someone is responsible for the left-hand post then there’s a decent chance he could prevent it going in.


In the match last weekend, Hamburg didn’t cover themselves in glory against the champions Dortmund.

For Kevin Großkreutz’s opening goal, Dennis Diekmeier is caught out of position. He’s in the Dortmund half when Großkreutz has acres of space to break in to if Die Borussen regain possession. Westermann, the right-sided centre half, is nowhere to be seen either.

Whether Arnesen actually backs Michael Oenning remains to be seen but the Hamburg head coach needs to buck up his ideas otherwise HSV could face a long struggle this season like Schalke and Werder Bremen fans had to endure last season.


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