Focus: Werkself Stryder – Part Two

Posted on July 8, 2011


Continuing from yesterday’s piece, Vampy, Monz and Scott discuss Andre Schürrle, Renato Augusto and their toughest challengers in the Bundesliga next season.

Andre Schürrle has joined – thoughts on the signing?

Monz: A very shrewd signing, considering that we snatched him up for 8-10mil and in the beginning of the season before other offers came raining down for him.

Scott: Even before he joined the squad, the Schürrle signing was an exciting one, but now that we’ve had the chance to see him play with our squad I’m anxious for the season to begin. He fit in beautifully during play against Salzburg, and showed he can score as well as work fluently alongside our current front men.

Vampy: I was skeptical given the amount of money paid for him; it was looking a gamble on a player who was only playing his second Bundesliga season but think it has worked out. He only has to perform like he did last year; he has to prove that it was for real and can deliver on bigger stage. Something tells me that he wouldn’t disappoint.

Renato Augusto, for me, had a terrific season last term – would you think he’s one of Bayer’s most important players?

Monz: I would say he adds a certain amount of flair to our attacking style of football, and when he plays as CAM his skills are indispensable, yet he is very injury prone. But I do agree, he had a terrific season and hopefully it will be the same for him next year.

Scott:  At the risk of being branded a fool, no. Augusto is damn good, and sometimes brilliant, but to me there were too many inconsistencies to the brilliance which make me skeptical of his being a crucial part of our success.

Vampy: It’s really good to see that someone has taken notice about Augusto. He adds this ‘madness’ to the team with his samba style and I quite like him a lot. He can be one of the most important players along with the entire midfield that plays around him but just not there yet. He has some limitations but can be one hell of a player. I think that the upcoming season would be crucial for him; that he has to show and realize his true potential. When he plays good, he really is good. He really is bad, bad good.

Who do you think will be your toughest challenger for the Bundesliga next year?

Monz: Bayern Munich – goes without saying. They’ll be hungry for titles considering their miserable run last season and they are also strengthened by a familiar face – Jupp Heynckes. Dortmund will be a tough challenge as well, losing Nuri will not cripple them and the team is still filled with amazing young talent and is spurred on by Klopp’s zeal.

Scott: Heynckes’s Bayern will have the advantage of being led by a man who knows intimately the strengths and weaknesses of most of our squad, and that will make playing them trickier than usual. Dortmund are likely to remain strong this season, too, though likely won’t manage to keep up last year’s composure. Our biggest challenges always seem to come from the smaller clubs that nobody sees as favorites over Leverkusen, so the toughest hurdle to clear will be our own history. How’s that for a non-answer?

Vampy: It’s going to be Bayern for whatever the right and wrong reasons people would come up with. Dortmund would be there. And I think that Koln may surprise others under Solbakken.

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